7 Year Old Girl Fights Off Walmart Abduction (PHOTO)

A 7-year-old girl from Georgia avoided being abducted from a Walmart after she used some kidnap training skills that saved herself.

Police report that Thomas A. Woods, 25, attempted to take the young 7 year old girl from a Bremen area Walmart on Wednesday but his abduction had failed. Woods is also on parole stemming from a voluntary manslaughter conviction,

Brittany Baxter was left alone in a toy aisle, while her mother was shopping in another aisle, camera’s show Woods grabbing the girl and trying to walk out of the store with her. However, he let her go after she started kicking and screaming.

Brittany credits her training in ‘stinger danger’ school for her escape.

“My school taught me like when somebody tries to get you, you try to get away and then get somebody you trust,” the young girl stated.

Local Atlanta TV station WAGA reported as Woods was being arrested by police, when he shouted he was “innocent” and denied trying to kidnap Baxter.

Georgeann Baxter, the girl’s mother, said she was in the store looking at cards and toys for Valentine’s Day. She asked Brittany if she wanted to go get some strawberries, and she wanted to stay in the toy aisle for a few more minutes. Her mother felt she would be safe in the aisle as she went to get the strawberries, so she allowed her to stay.

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