Texas Posts 85 MPH Speed Limit Signs

The state of Texas has approved a new 85 mph speed limit on certain roads that still need to be passed by the Department of Transportation, but motorists who drive at night are still stuck at 65.

Speed limits in the United States are set by each state or territory, and some vary according to many factors, including the laws in each state, the type of road, land use, and more.

Texas is one of two states that already had the highest speed limit on some open highways of 80 mph. The second being Utah. The new speed limit will be the highest in the country.

Although the measure was passed yesterday it may be some time before motorists are allowed to drive it. That’s because the Texas Department of Transportation still has to decide what roads to post the new limits on. Prospective roadways must pass safety and structural integrity tests.

The speed limits are only allowed during daytime driving. The lower, safer 65 mph will remain. Trucks will also see their limit restrictions removed with the new measure.

In addition, Texas highways that have a maximum speed limit of 70 mph will be increased to 75 mph. It is almost certain that most rural roads will be approved with the faster 85 miles per hour signs.