Aimee Copeland Recovering From Amputation Surgeries

Aimee Copeland Speaks while recovering from amputation surgery. The 24-year-old has been battling with a flesh-eating disease and went through two more amputation surgeries, but she spoke on Sunday about her ordeal.

“Hello. Whoa. Wow, my mind is blown,” Aimee stated to her family.

On May 1, she contracted necrotizing fasciitis when she fell from a homemade zip line, cut her leg, and landed into a Georgia River.

So far, she has had her left leg, both hands and right foot amputated.

Her father was not present for her first words, as he was in church. However, later that evening he asked her how she felt and her response was, “It feels weird being able to talk.”

Last Thursday, the University of West Georgia graduate began breathing and sitting up on her own. Her father reported that she was down to only three IVs from her initial twelve, and she is finally capable of eating soft foods.

On Monday, the vegetarian gave her mother a large breakfast order: fresh fruit, veggie sausage, a biscuit, white gravy, and a fried egg over easy.

“She’ll probably eat one bite,” said Copeland’s mother, Donna. “But sure I’m going to make it. What mother wouldn’t make it?”

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