Aimee Copeland Critical Condition After Surgery

Aimee Copeland is currently in critical condition in a Georgia after surgeries to remove her right foot and hands. Copeland has necrotizing fasciitis, which is better known as a flesh-eating bacterial infection.

The Georgia graduate became infected with the killer bug on May 1, when she fell off of a homemade zip line, received a deep gash and landed in the Georgia River.

When her father told her that she was going to have to need to have her fingers and remaining foot amputated Aimee did not shed a tear. Her response to the tragic news was “Let’s do this.” Prior to her surgery on Saturday, Copeland already had a foot removed.

“All I can say is Aimee is still in critical condition,” hospital spokeswoman Barclay Bishop said.

Upon giving his daughter the news about her upcoming surgery, Andy Copeland, her father described their conversation on his Facebook page.

He described how difficult it was for him to tell his daughter that she contracted the flesh-eating infection. Apparently, she never shed a tear or batted an eyelash when she was given the life-threatening news.

“I was crying because I am a proud father of an incredibly courageous young lady,” Mr. Copeland wrote. “We told her that the world loved and admired her,” he added on Friday’s update. “We explained that she had become a symbol of hope, love and faith.”

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