Al Qaeda Prisoners Dig Tunnel To Escape (Photos)

Al Qaeda Prisoners Escape – Al Qaueda militants have escaped by digging a tunnel from their jail cell that took them to a petrol station just outside the guarded walls.

On Monday, at least 16 prisoners were gone after the break out, according to officials.

It is believed that the inmates dug 130 feet from the yard of the port city.

This is the second daring prison escape this year. Last June, dozens of convicts fled from a jail in Mukallaa when al-Qaeda fighters stormed the central jail in Mukalla.

Yielding to international pressure, President Ali Abdullah Saleh agreed last month to hand over powers to his deputy and quit office within 90 days.

According to the Associated Press, twelve of the fleeing Al Qaeda prisoners were convicted for the killing of security officials and a bank heist.

Following the escape, security forces closed down all roads leading to Aden. In addition, they created checkpoints on every main road.

Some of Aden’s residents have complained that security forces were using excessive force.

“The forces were treating us as if we are criminals, at times making threats to anyone who asks them questions,” said Khaled Mansoor, a bus driver in Aden.