American Soldiers Posing With Dead Suicide Afghans

American Soldiers Posing In Photos With Dead Afghans – The United States condemned the recent photos showing American soldiers posing in mocking trophy shots with dead bodies of suicide bomber Afghans soon after they were published on the Internet Wednesday by the Los Angeles Times.

Public reaction remained quiet because most ordinary citizens in the country living in dual parts don’t have access to the Internet to view the images. In addition, the country’s main evening news broadcasts did not show the photos or cover the story.

The graphic pictures represented the latest in a series of damaging incidents and disclosures involving American troops in Afghanistan.

But Afghans interviewed about the scenes shown in the photographs seemed more disgusted and saddened than furiously indignant.

The fact that the photos in question were taken two years ago did little to blunt the disdain.

“Nothing has changed since then, and nothing will,” said Farhad Mohammad, a merchant in the southern city of Kandahar. “Always it is a matter of disrespect.”

Suicide bombers, who cause hundreds of civilian deaths every year, are widely despised. Even so, the taboo against desecration of the dead is strong in this religiously conservative country.

“We condemn Americans posing with dead bodies or body parts,” said Najla Dehqan Nezhad, a member of parliament from the western province of Herat.

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