Andre Davis Sentenced To 32 Years In HIV Case

Once known by the wrestling persona’s of Gangsta of Love and Sweet Sexy Sensation, former up and coming pro wrestler Andre Davis has been sentenced in his HIV case involving him having sex with women without telling them he was positive for the illness.

Davis was caught when his two children found paperwork showing that Davis was HIV positive and gave it to their mother. In turn the mother passed the info onto the several known girlfriends that Davis was known to have.

When he was convicted in November, prosecutor’s said he had unprotected sex with about a dozen women and did not let them know of his condition.

On Monday at his sentencing the judge called Davis a “sex addict,” and sentenced him to 32 years in prison on 14 counts of felonious assault.

Davis explained that his dream of being a pro wrestler with the WWE was destroyed in 2009 when he got the test results and the company denied hiring him due to the failed physical, and he didn’t want his family to find out, and had no intentions of hurting anyone.

“I am not a monster,” Davis said.

Greg Cohen, Davis’s attorney tried to argue the fact that the women he slept with should share some responsibility for deciding to have unprotected sex and that laws written on the matter are unclear.

Nonetheless their is a law on record stating any HIV positive person most disclose that information to a sex partner prior to the act.

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