Animals Killed Left To Rot In British Safari Park – Gruesome Discovery

Animals killed zookeepers were left to rot in British safari park near a dump site. The scenes were so gruesome the zoo’s official photographer reported the zoo to a council.

Penny Boyd, 58, revealed how untrained zookeepers killed animals after being handed guns to kill on live exhibits. Boyd then learned discovered many of the exhibits left to rot near bins at the British safari park. She described the shootings as “the last straw” before reporting the zoo.

“One morning I heard a gunshot and looked out to see a beautiful antelope I’d known for years being downed,” Boyd said in a statement. “Another two shots were needed before it was dead. That kind of job should only be done by experienced people.” Penny has lived at the park for ten years.

“It was despicable. I couldn’t carry on producing cute pictures to get Knowsley positive publicity knowing some of the animals might be culled and dumped to rot the next day.” The killings were aimed at slashing wildlife because the land was too small to support the animals.

Visitors to the 550-acre attraction, which trumpets its “emphasis on animal welfare”, include school parties. The park prides itself on its herds of rare deer, which include the critically endangered Pere David’s variety. But they were among the very creatures being shot to death and carelessly thrown at a secret dump site.