Asteroid Named 2012 Da14 Will Come Close To Earth

Asteroid 2012 Da14 – Despite early fears of a 150 foot wide asteroid slamming into our planet next year, 2012 Da14 was only discovered last month, with NASA scientists stating that it will come very close with a miss. If an object of that size were to slam into our planet, it could cause the same destruction seen in the 1908 Tunguska event, when many scientist believe it was similar to size. The meteor entered the atmosphere and exploded in the Siberian Forest, flattening and destroying over 830 square miles of land.

However, the researchers at NASA’s Near-Earth Object Program Office in Pasadena, California say, the current trajectory of the asteroids orbit will take it on a narrow path by Earth, coming between it and some of our outer orbiting satellites, next year. They say it poses no danger to us and even though the passing will be close it will still not be visible by the naked eye.

“Its orbit about the sun can bring it no closer to the Earth’s surface than 3.2 Earth radii on February 15, 2013,” the researchers said. the 3,2 Earth radi equates to about a distance of 12,680 miles, in comparison the International Space Station orbits the planet at about 240 miles.

However, doomsayers say that is to close for comfort and something should be done to avoid any possibility of a mis-caculation and a collision somewhere. There are suggestions of hitting it with ballistic weapons to break it up or even paint it to affect the Suns gravitational pull on it sending to further away. NASA claims that flying to the asteroid and doing something with it, is too late as it would take at least two years to build a space craft capable of doing so.

They also added effecting its orbit now could gravely affect it’s path when it return’s in 2056.

The asteroid was discovered on February 23, 2012, by the OAM Observatory, La Sagra in Spain.

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