Avalanche Survivor Saved By Airbags

At a ski resort near Seattle, Washington on Sunday several skiers were caught up in an avalanche that killed three men, one survivor was thankful for her airbag system that saved her life.

The skiers were caught in the avalanche that occurred in what they thought was a safe zone. Some were carried 3,000 feet down the mountain.

The three men who died were, free-skiing world tour judge Jim Jack, Stevens Pass Marketing Director Chris Rudolph and skier John Brenan.

Professional skier, Elyse Saugstad was also caught in the avalanche, but luckily for her, she was wearing a “avalanche rescue system,” and was quick enough to react and deploy it.

The system contains a set of airbags that allows for the skier to be carried on top of the falling snow rather then be buried in it.

“It’s basically an airbag system that she deployed and assisted her in surviving,” said Deputy Chris Bedker of the King County Sheriff’s Search and Rescue.

“We thought we were in a safe zone but ended up being swept in the avalanche,” Saugstad told ABC News. “It happened really fast. Ultimately, I think you don’t have much time to react. The first thing that came to my mind was to use my airbag device.”

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