Baby Ayla Missing Case Has ‘Blood Evidence’ In Maine Home

Baby Ayla is still missing but the case in Maine reveals new evidence, authorities say.

Ayla Reynolds apparently went missing in December from her father’s home in Maine, which is now a crime scene after investigators found blood in the basement days after the baby vanished.

Stephen McCausland, a spokesman for the Maine Department of Public Safety revealed that publicly announcing this evidence earlier would have interfered with the investigation process.

The town of Waterville, Maine began an extensive search when Justin DiPietro reported to police that his 20-month-old toddler went missing from his home.

Forensic investigators are still in the process of testing the blood to determine how long it has been in the basement and its source of origin. The detectives of this case are becoming frustrated as they feel that DiPietro and other adults who were in his home on Dec.17 are being reserved about the events of that with night.

The father still maintains that his young daughter vanished from his home while he was sleeping. Authorities have not named any suspects publicly in this case and there have not been any arrest made.

DiPietro claims that he passed a polygraph test given to him by police. However, the results have not been shared with the public. The toddler was placed in her father’s care when her mother checked into a drug rehabilitation center in November 2011.

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