Baby Boy 58 ‘Malnourished’ Dogs In Home

The grandparents of a one-year-old baby boy along with three others living in a Springtown, Texas house were arrested Tuesday on five child endangerment and animal cruelty charges 58 malnourished dogs in their home.

Teresa Weldon, 48, claimed she was running an animal rescue operation, but authorities were concerned with the baby boy because of the living conditions. In fact, Fox News reports that there may have been as many as 200 dogs that have been at the residence over the last two years.

Among what is described as deplorable conditions with filth and feces everywhere, 31 dogs were found in stacked cages without sufficient food or water, and another 27 dogs were found outside running loose.

Along with Teresa her husband Harry Weldon and 3 of their adult children were arrested and face the same charges. The one-year-old was Teresa and Harry’s grandson and was found in a crib when police conducted a raid of the house.

Apparently, the Weldon’s were taking dogs from local shelters before their time was up for adoption to save their lives from being euthanized. Those shelters had suspected the dogs were being mistreated at the Weldon residence.

Two of the dogs found had to be immediately euthanized, while 5 other puppies died soon after the raid, according to a sheriff’s office report.

According to Fox News, an investigation of the home was launched when officers had come to the residence to serve a warrant on a bad check writing charge. “There was an overwhelming foul odor of feces which was detectable from outside the residence. It was extremely unhealthy for both humans and animals,” investigator John Qualls said in a news release.

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