Baby Survives Tornado Raleigh After Being Tossed Several Feet (VIDEO)

A three-month-old baby survives a tornado in Raleigh, North Carolina, after being tossed several feet. The infant, Ayden, was ripped from his cousin’s arms by the tornado, but the baby survived. Jonathan Robinson says he was holding his cousin tightly, inside a mobile home, but that was no match for the strength of the twister.

Baby Survives Tornado Raleigh

“I thought he was lost,” Robinson said, until he found the baby unconscious nearby, atop a pile of wood. Robinson says he was taking care of his three-month-old cousin, Ayden, when the twister struck. As the storm tore the trailer apart, he just couldn’t hold on through the severe winds.

“The wind just took him straight out of my arms,” he said. Frantic, Robinson searched for his cousin fearing the worse, but amazingly found the infant lying on top of some wood, several feet away.

Three children were killed in the storm — ages 3, 8 and 9 — and one was seriously injured. Ayden was reportedly not hurt.

Ayden’s story tops this list of survival stories from Fox News following the deadly storm on Saturday.

It isn’t the first time something like this has happened. In Oct. 2007, a “miracle” baby survived a 40 to 50-foot toss by a tornado in Michigan.

Here’s the video.