Bank Vault Saves 24 Lives During Oklahoma Tornado

A bank vault at the Tinker Federal Credit Union (TFCU) saved 24 lives in Monday’s F-5 tornado that devastated the town of Moore in Oklahoma.

What’s left of the building captures just how desperately the residents needed good shelter in the fierce tornado that bore down on the suburbs.

“This is the vault where 14 TFCU employees and eight members rode out yesterday’s tornado in Moore and emerged safely afterward,” read the Facebook caption.

“I was one of the members in the vault yesterday,” Dena Clark wrote on the bank’s Facebook page. “You all should be so proud of your employees! Everyone, especially Jan the branch manager, acted so heroically to keep everyone safe. I am so thankful! Our family loves TFCU!”

“Omg, we were just there and left right before it hit,” Chad Rayburn wrote on the bank’s Facebook page. “The police officer working there said it would be on top of us soon and he was sure right. Wow!”

As you can see, only the vault remained intact, thought it did show damage from the winds, which moved quickly through the area-200 m.p.h. at points-outside Oklahoma City.

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