Beaten Man Found In BMW Trunk Of Car In NYC

Beaten man found in BMW trunk of car in NYC. The beaten man that was found in the truck of a BMW car is a robbery victim. Akeem Ajimotokan, 33, was barely alive when the NYPD found him.

Ajimotokan was stabbed and bound inside the trunk of the BMW. It all happened after a fender-bender had placed an online ad to sell the vehicle. NYPD says they are looking for the man they suspect was driving and fled the scene.

The suspect has been identified as Barion Blake, 30, of Manhattan. NYPD spokesman Paul Browne said the motive “at this point in the investigation appears to be a robbery.” Blake also has a history of stealing BMW cars.

The bloodied 33-year-old victim was found in the car’s trunk in upper Manhattan on Wednesday. The vehicle had collided with a taxi and the driver fled. That’s when police noticed someone was in the trunk.