Boston Victim One Fund Passes Deadline

Boston Marathon One Fund deadline passes with 188 new claims filed, according to deputy administrator Camille Biros. “We’re well on our way to getting everybody,” Biros said. “We know we have the most seriously injured.”

Three people were killed, and more than 260 injured during the April 15 twin bombings near the marathon’s finish line. The One Fund was quickly established by Boston Mayor Thomas Menino and Gov. Deval Patrick, and has grown to more than $47 million.

Its administrator, attorney Kenneth Feinberg, set a deadline of Saturday for claims to be submitted, followed by a 10-day period when he’ll interview potential recipients. He’ll then make payment recommendations to the city, before money begins going out at the month’s end.

However, Leo Boyle, the past president of the Massachusetts Bar Association, urged The One Fund to hold off on at least a portion of the payments to ensure everybody who qualifies for a payment gets money, even if they miss the deadline.

“A deadline should be an aspiration, it shouldn’t be a disqualification,” he said.

Boyle said some reports put the total number treated at hospitals as more than 280, so there’s a significant potential pool of people who haven’t applied.

It’s still unknown how many of those injuries were serious enough to merit a payment, but Boyle said some of the seriously hurt may still be dealing with the trauma and treatment after the attack and won’t make the deadline.

“This is a charity, it isn’t a class action lawsuit,” said Boyle, whose firm represents three of marathon bombing victims. “The door shouldn’t be closed until every single victim is accounted for.”

Biros said The One Fund will be “flexible” with people who come forward with a serious claim after the deadline. She added there’s been such an extensive outreach about the fund she’s confident everyone who was injured knows about it.

She said extending the deadline would only delay the disbursement of funds for those with acute needs, such as mounting bills or home modifications.

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