Boy, 3, Shoots Dad After Finding Loaded Gun

Authorities in Indiana are investigating the shooting of a dad who died at the hands of his 3-year-old boy, after he discovered a fully loaded gun in their southern Indiana home.

On Friday night, Washington County sheriff’s deputies were called to the 33-year-old man’s Salem home where they declared him dead at the scene.

According to State police, Michael Bayless, the victim, his wife, their three children and an adolescent relative were doing remodeling work at their 2nd home approximately 25 miles northwest of Louisville, Ky. The family currently resides in Martinsville, Indiana, which is around 80 miles to the north of this home.

Apparently, Michael had finished working on the house for the day and was with his two other children watching television on a couch when his 3-year-old found a loaded handgun at the residence, and accidentally discharged it at his father around 10pm. There were no other injuries reported; however, this shooting remains under investigation.

The .45-caliber handgun belonged to Bayless according to Sgt. Jerry Goodin, but he was unsure of exactly where the child found it.

Goodin is waiting on the Washington County coroner report to figure out how close the 3-year-old was to his father, and where the bullet struck him.

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