Brazilian Cops Drug Plane Smugglers Video

Brazilian Cops Drug Plane – Brazilian cops went on a courageous chase to catch a drug plane.

The police officers were persistently tracking the criminals with their guns hanging out their vehicle windows.

Speeding in their patrol car the cops chased down and rammed the small drug plane to stop it taking off with a load of contraband electronics. There were five suspected drug smugglers on board.

A video posted today by the G1 news website showed the Brazilian police car chasing the plane. The passenger-side officer leans out the window with a high-calibre rifle, preparing to fire.

But the officer driving shouts: “Don’t shoot! I am going to hit the wing.”

Seconds later the car smashes into the single-engine aircraft. The Brazilian cops then hop out and surround it.

Federal police spokesman Edson Geraldo de Souza told G1 news the pilot and four accomplices on the ground were arrested in the incident on Tuesday. Nobody was hurt.

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