Bride Reporter Quake: Nuptials Shaken During Wedding

A bride, who is a TV reporter in China, was about to get married when a 7.0 magnitude quake interrupted her nuptials. Though many brides might consider a natural disaster of that size a bad omen, Chen Ying, didn’t waste much time thinking about her wedding.

However, the bride immediately jumped into reporter mode, still wearing her wedding dress and veil.

Ying grabbed a microphone and dashed to the streets, where she began reporting on the earthquake.

It didn’t take long for footage of Ying interviewing local survivors in her wedding dress to hit YouTube and go viral.

A photo of Ying reporting in her wedding gown has also been shared thousands of times on Chinese social media, and many have praised the bride for her “professional spirit” during the disaster, which struck China’s Sichuan province and has left at least 156 people dead and more than 5,500 injured.

“I am standing at the Holiday Plaza. Fifteen minutes ago, a strong quake struck,” she reported on camera. “But there haven’t been casualties in this area where I am standing,” she said.

“Our residents in Ya’an have taken effective measures to prevent damages. I hope our city will be safe.”

After conducting 10 minutes of interviews on the street, Ms Chen continued with her wedding – and went back to work after the brief ceremony.

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