Brooklyn, New York Building Collapse

Brooklyn Building Collapse – Three construction workers were injured after a five-story building in Brooklyn collapsed Tuesday afternoon.

The top floors of the building at 2922 Brighton 5th Street in Brighton Beach collapsed just before 2:30 p.m. trapping three construction workers in the debris, New York City police and fire department officials said.

Two of the workers were pulled out of the rubble soon after the collapse. One of those men was in critical condition, the other’s injuries were said not to be life threatening, the officials said. A third worker was pulled out of the debris by New York City firefighters about 30 minutes after the collapse, officials said.

He was in cardiac arrest when found by rescue workers and was also in critical condition. All three men were taken to Coney Island Hospital.

Officials are investigating whether newly constructed scaffolding may have played a part in the collapse. The city’s Department of Buildings and fire department are investigating.

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