Brunswick, Ohio Teens Dead In Car Crash

On the day of his high-school graduation in Brunswick Ohio last Sunday, a car crash claimed the life of 18-year-old Jeffrey Chaya and 3 of his friends. There was a total of four people in the crash.

Chaya had been driving, which included Kevin Fox, 18, when he was speeding over a set of railroad tracks that caused the car to become airborne and landed on its roof.

Just a day before Chaya had posted a message on his Twitter account that read, “Weird to think graduation is tomorrow time does fly big time.”

The incident of course caused a somber mode at a ceremony that is usually reserved for celebration.

The seats that Chaya and Fox were to be seated in were left empty and fellow students sat in a moment of silence and prayer after all the teenagers names were read. They included Chaya, Fox, Fox’s girlfriend Lexi Poerner, 16, and Blake Bartchak, 17.

The fifth passenger, Julia Romito, 17, remains in an unknown condition as the Southwest General Hospital in Middleburg Heights, will not release any information on her.

Investigators were still investigating the crash of the Chevy Cavalier, but they believe it was traveling at an unsafe speed when it went over the tracks.

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