Bullied Boy Dies From Injuries After School Attack

A sixth-grade boy in Philadelphia dies from his injuries after being bullied on the playground at school. Bailey O’Neill, 12, was beaten by another student last month that gained nationwide attention.

According to family members, the young boy died, on Sunday morning, after he was taken off life a day after his 12th Birthday.

The bullied victim suffered a concussion and a broken nose among other injuries during the playground beating at Darby Township School, in suburban Philadelphia.

Bailey spent the rest of the day at school, but over the following days, he complained of severe headaches and dizziness, began sleeping a lot and became irritable and confused, his mother said.

Doctors induced a coma after he began having seizures.

Risoldi said last month that her son declined to fight, saying he was worried about being suspended. She said a boy then pushed him from behind, and he was struck in the head about five times.

“This is not a fight between two boys,” she said. “My son didn’t fight back.”

“He had no problems before the fight,” Risoldi said last month. “He was always extremely healthy, rarely got sick.” reports police, and the Delaware County District Attorney’s office are looking into whether Bailey had been bullied at school before the incident, but say they have no evidence of that so far.

The Associated Press reports District Attorney Jack Whelan told the Delaware County Daily Times that he was waiting for autopsy results and re-interviewing witnesses but considered charges to be likely.

“He was always polite, the kindest little boy you would ever want to know,” neighbor Joyce Neroni told

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