Gilbert Thomas Collar: Campus Officer Kills Naked Student

A campus police officer kills a naked 18-year-old freshman student, Gilbert Thomas Collar, at the University of Southern Alabama in the middle of the night this past weekend when the student started threatening and chasing him.

According to the university spokesman, Keith Ayres, the incident happened around 1:23 a.m. on Saturday, when the naked student, identified as Gilbert Thomas Collar, started banging on the campus police station’s windows.

The unidentified campus officer, confronted the naked, unarmed, Collar, who was said to be in a fighting stance when he was approached. Ayres reports that the officer, who had his gun drawn, asked Collar several times to stand down, but they were only meet with threatening advances by Collar every time.

“When an officer exited the station to investigate, he was confronted by a muscular, nude man who was acting erratically,” the university said in a statement.

The campus officer then shot Collar once in the chest, after Collar tried to rush the retreating officer. Even after being shot the naked student was still acting erratically and threatening the officer before eventually collapsing.

The incident, which was caught on the police station’s security cameras, is still under investigation, while the campus officer has been placed on paid administrative leave. An autopsy of Collar is scheduled but a toxicology report to identify whether there were any drugs or alcohol in his system could take weeks to come back.

“Really, it just upsets me that there’s no other way to apprehend an unarmed student rather than shooting him. I don’t understand that,” fellow student Tyler Kendrick said.

According to a high school friend, Colgan Meanor, that also attended the university, it doesn’t sound like the same Gilbert that she knew.

“He was a great, loving guy who always made people smile,” she said.

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