Carlsbad Missing Lifeless Boy Found In 30-Foot Hole

In Carlsbad, New Mexico, the body of 4-year-old boy that was thought to be missing was removed from a 30 foot hole in a neighbors back yard after being found there over the weekend.

Young Samuel Jones was reported missing on Saturday, and on Sunday during a house to house search of the boy and officer discovered a deep 14-inch wide hole in the back yard of the house next to his.

Lt. Jennifer Moyers, a spokewoman for the Carlsbad police department said the officer found the hole,and when he shined his flashlight down it he saw what looked like the body of the boy wearing the cloths that he was described to have last been seen in.

Recovery crews were brought in with heavy excavating equipment to recover the body after oxygen and temperature tests along with a camera confirmed no sign of life.

Though the case is being treated as a precaution, police report their was no history of abuse from the parents and no indication of foul play in the case of the neighbor, meaning the boy may have accidentally fallen in the hole.

There is a 4 foot chain link fence that separates the two yards. Samuel had two other siblings age six and seven.

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