Casey Anthony Is Child Of Incest, Dad Allegedly Fathered Caylee

Casey Anthony is a child of incest, according to a new book about the case written by defense attorney Jose Baez, and it was the dad who fathered daughter Caylee, but DNA results don’t support the theory.

Anthony also wondered if her father had killed the 2-year-old to hide evidence of the incest, Baez writes in the book, “Presumed Guilty – Casey Anthony: The Inside Story,” which was released this week.

Last year Anthony was accused of murdering her two-year-old daughter and attempting to cover it up by disposing of the remains and lying to police. In a shock verdict she was found not guilty of the murder, and jailed for four years for lesser charges around the false claims.

During the highly publicized trial Baez argued that Anthony had been sexually abused by her father, George Anthony, from age 12. George denied the accusations in court, and DNA evidence proved he wasn’t Caylee’s father.

But Baez writes in his book that George made no such denial when he was approached by the defense out of court.

“When we sat him down and we talked to him he didn’t deny it,” Baez told CBS News. “He just sat there and wanted to know what more she had to say.”

He writes in the book, “[HE] sat for perhaps 40 seconds with his head bowed. He didn’t say a word. We certainly noted that he didn’t deny it.”

Baez alleges in “Presumed Guilty” that Anthony’s father tapered off the sexual abuse because he was worried about getting his daughter pregnant.

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