Casey Anthony Lawyers Accuse Ex For Book Deal

The lawyers for Casey Anthony are accusing ex-fiance Jesse Grund and a private investigator of making money on a book deal about the Caylee murder trial earlier this summer.

Anthony is still serving probation in Florida and also faces a civil case against her. She was acquitted of the murder of her daughter Caylee. The new book deal could shed details on the relationship between Jesse and Casey.

“I witnessed the devastating effects of severe dysfunction,” Jesse Grund writes in the book deal offer. “I know what events in her life have molded her into the vilified Casey Anthony,” he adds. He had also gave a round of TV interviews, calling the Anthony family a “carnival of dysfunctionality.”

Anthony has been in hiding since the high-profile murder trial ended. She was voted the most hated person in America in some of the tabloids. She has maintained her innocence of her daughter’s death, but most people believe there is overwhelming evidence, to the contrary, even though she was acquitted by a jury.

Grund, the son of a New York minister, started dating Anthony in January 2005. That summer, she told him she was expecting Caylee in a text message, which allegedly read, “I am pregnant. It’s yours.”

He was present when Caylee was born, but a paternity test revealed he was not the father. They ended their engagement in June 2006, when “I watched Casey change into the infamous ‘party monster’ everyone else saw,” his proposal says.

A rep for Anthony’s lawyer, Jose Baez, said, “I found Mr. Grund to be very interested in serving himself … prosecutors told me that Jesse was upset that he wasn’t called as a witness.”