Caviar Russian Morgue Stored in Refrigerated Area

Caviar Morgue – Police in St. Petersburg, Russia, have tracked down a supply of caviar to a hospital morgue in a refrigerated area where bodies are usually kept.

Authorities report that the 385 pounds of caviar they recovered from the morgue is worth between $1,500 and $3,000 a pound.

The two men arrested at the morgue said they had planned to serve the caviar at an employee New Year’s party.

However, some of the caviar was packaged into bags marked “biological waste.”

Caviar is produced from the eggs of sturgeon fish and in Russia there are heavy restrictions on the fish, which has created a black market for the delicacy.

The police are still investigating the case at the morgue and had not indicated if the two men would be charged.

Police say possessing the caviar was not illegal itself but there may be some sanitary violations involved.

Authorities had also recovered another 220 pounds of illegal caviar recently being sold in local markets.

Investigators went to the Amur River Basin, where sturgeon fishing is prohibited, and found 47 fish carcasses where the eggs had been extracted.

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