​Challenge Talbot: Autopsy Scheduled Following Talbot 16-Story Fall​​

By: | 07/22/2013 11:34 PM ET

Challenge Talbot, a Louisiana teenager, is dead after falling 16 stories into the swimming pool at a beachfront condominium in Alabama. Talbot, 18, was found dead during the early morning hours on Friday.

Challenge Talbot

Authorities say the teenager fell from a balcony on the 16th floor at Turquoise Place Condominiums and landed in the water.

A couple walking by the pool found the body. Police say there were no witnesses, but they’re still investigating.

Authorities plan an autopsy.

Police say the teen was visiting with friends from south Louisiana and no one witnessed the fall. Authorities are waiting for a toxicology test to determine whether alcohol factored into Talbot’s death. It is the second falling death of a Louisiana teen along the Alabama coast in recent days.

Right now, it’s being investigated whether he fell, jumped or someone pushed him.

A talented swimmer, he was in the city with friends but none of them were around him at the time of the incident. Alcohol and illicit drugs haven’t been ruled out as a contributing factor as of yet. Friends say he was extremely nice, very bright and a joy to be around.