Charles Manson Denied Parole From Prison For 12th Time

Convicted mass murderer Charles Manson was denied parole from prison for the 12th time since being sentenced to a life of imprisonment in 1972, but he wasn’t there to hear it because he skipped the hearing entirely.

At the age of 77, Manson himself was not present at his possibly last chance for parole, as the next time he will be eligible for parole will be in 15 years when he would be 92.

At his last parole hearing in 2007 the California parole board stated that Manson, “continues to pose an unreasonable danger to others and may still bring harm to anyone he would come in contact with.”

During his latest parole hearing, reporter’s granted permission to attend the hearing say that, Parole Hearing Commissioner John Peck, sited 108 ‘serious disciplinary violations’ since he was placed in prison in 1971. Peck also stated that Manson still has not shown any signs of remorse for his crimes.

Peck then read a statement made by Manson to a prison psychologist last year. Peck said Manson called himself ‘special’ and he was “not like the average inmate.”

“I have put five people in the grave. I’ve been in prison most of my life. I’m a very dangerous man,” Manson was quoted as to saying to the psychologist.

Manson was originally sentenced to death for conspiracy to commit the Tate and LaBianca murders in the late 60’s. He was guilty of directing his cult followers to commit the gruesome crimes. In 1972 his death sentence was commuted to life imprisonment under a petition for writ of habeas corpus. Prior to the murders at the age of 32 Manson had already spent half of his life in prison for other crimes and upon his release before those murders, he requested that he stay in prison due to the fact he had come accustomed to the life and was comfortable staying there, a request that was denied.

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