China Forced Abortion, 7 Months Pregnant, Public Anger

Authorities in China have pledged to punish the officials who required a 7 month’s pregnant woman to have an abortion in a trial that has provoked anger about the methods used to enforce harsh family planning regulations.

According to state media, Feng Jianmei was forced by officials to abort her baby, in June, at a medical facility in the northwestern province of Shaanxi. This sparked much controversy in the national media after Feng’s husband posted pictures of his wife and their aborted baby girl on a hospital bed together.

This case shows that even though this case is illegal, it is still happening.

“What the authorities did … represents a serious violation of national and provincial policies and regulations on population and family planning,” the official Xinhua news agency quoted the provincial family planning commission as saying.

According to family planning officials, Feng gave her consent to the abortion due to the fact that she already had a daughter, and she would have been going against the rules that limit her to more than one child.

The Jianmei family received an apology; however, that will not bring back their baby. The head of the family planning bureau and two other officials have been suspended.

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