American Choppers Live Brings Jesse James Back Into The Shop

Choppers Live – Jesse James attempts a come back with ‘American Choppers’ Live.

The television personality attempted to make his reality comeback on the Discovery network.

The CEO of West Coast Choppers appeared on the motorcycle-building special American Choppers on December 5 and will also run tonight.

James added that he is also looking to rebuild his reputation with the American public after his extramarital affairs led to his divorce from Sandra Bullock last year.

“For the last five or six years, I don’t think people know what the f**k I do,” he told the New York Daily News. “They think, oh, he’s famous because he married Sandra Bullock. They don’t know what my skill set is. Maybe it’s about reminding people,” James added.

“There’s going to people who hate me no matter what I say or do. I can’t let those people dictate anything. I just to have focus on the positive and on the stuff I can control, and focus on people who want to see stuff made and some skills,” he said.

“There’s a more achievable approach than trying to make a difference to f**knuts who watch Oprah or some s**t like that,” James stated.

It’s a two-night live special with “Chopper” fans voting on their favorite bike after seeing the three finished machines.