Couple indicted in DA slaying: Killers of Prosecutors Indicted for Murder

Texas couple are indicted in the DA slaying of Mike McLelland, his wife Cynthia, and Mark Hasse after detectives find 20 weapons, and a car linked to a crime scene inside the suspect’s storage facility. Both could face the death penalty.

Jail Photo Of Couple Indicted In DA Slaying

Eric and Kim Williams, both 46, are charged with murder and is being held on a $23 million bond.

The couple was arrested in April for what prosecutors allege was a meticulous plot to avenge Eric Williams’ conviction for stealing three county computer monitors in 2012. The conviction cost him his job and law license. The Williamses have been in the Kaufman County jail southeast of Dallas since their arrests.

Eric Williams also was indicted for making a terroristic threat, a charge related to an email sent to authorities vowing future violence against county employees. The email was allegedly traced to a computer in the Williams home.

Hasse was fatally shot as he walked to work in January, while the McLellands were gunned down in their home two months later.

Authorities allege that Eric Williams was the gunman in both cases.

His wife, investigators say, was the driver when her husband shot Hasse on the street outside the county courthouse and was a passenger when her
husband drove to the McLellands’ home to carry out those killings in March.

Kim Williams confessed to her role in the crimes, according to the warrant issued at the time of her arrest.

Her court-appointed attorney, Paul Johnson, declined to comment Thursday until he had time to review the indictments. Eric Williams’s lead
attorney, Matthew Seymour, didn’t immediately return a phone message, and John Wright, an attorney working with Seymour, said he’s prohibited from talking to the media without approval from his supervisors.

The arrest warrants describe a revenge plan in which Eric Williams rented a storage unit in a friend’s name to hide a cache of weapons and a car that authorities said was tied to the McLelland killings.Current district attorney Erleigh Norville Wiley declined to take questions about the case but thanked law enforcement personnel who assisted in the investigation.

“We join with the families, the county and all of those affected by these deaths in the prayer that justice will be done,” she said.

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