Craigslist Warnings After 2nd Ad Victim Announced By FBI

Craigslist 2nd Ad Victim – Craigslist is being used by a killer who creates phony job listings and lures his victims into a deadly robbery scheme. A 2nd body was found Friday in a shallow grave near a shopping mall. The FBI believes it may be connected to the case.

The body was found Friday within sight of the Rolling Acres shopping mall in Akron, Ohio, agency spokeswoman Vicki Anderson told The Associated Press.

The cause of death and identity are under investigation, but the FBI is working on the supposition that the body may be that of Timothy Kern, 47, who hasn’t been seen in more than a week, Anderson said.

“Do we think it might be? Maybe,” Anderson said. “He’s missing. We haven’t been able to find him. It could possibly be, but we just don’t know that yet.”

Anderson declined to specify how authorities discovered the body, saying only it was through “information.”

Kern answered the same ad for a farm hand that authorities say led to the shooting death of Virginia resident David Pauley, 51, in a rural area south of Akron. A South Carolina man reported answering the ad but managing to escape after being shot Nov. 6.

Two people from the Akron area are in custody: a high school student who has been charged with attempted murder and 52-year-old Richard Beasley, who is in jail on unrelated charges.

Agents have contacted individuals to check on their well-being, FBI spokesman Harry Trombitas said Friday in an email.

One was Heather Tuttle, who applied for the job Oct. 7 but never got a response. She had forgotten about the posting until an FBI agent called and left a message for her Monday.

When she called back, she was stunned at what the agent told her.

“It could have been me,” said Tuttle, 27, who has since taken work as an assistant manager at a gas station.

“When the situation was explained to me, it just instantly made me sick and made me realize how lucky I am that I didn’t get a response back,” she said of the Craigslist ad.