Blogger Crystal Cox Loses Defamation Case

Crystal Cox Case – Blogger Crystal Cox runs several different law-centric blogging sites but recently faced a lawsuit case where she was being sued for defamation from a blog against an investment firm.

Obsidian Finance Group filed a defamation suit against Cox back in January for 10 million dollars, for writing several blog posts that were highly critical of the firm and its co-founder Kevin Padrick.

The law savoy Cox represented herself in the lawsuit and asked the judge to dismiss the case siting her writing was a mixture of facts, commentary and opinion just like a million other blogs on the web.

The US District Court judge mostly agreed except for one particular post. He ruled that this single post was indeed defamatory because it was presented, essentially, as more factual in tone than her other posts, and therefore a reasonable person could conclude it was factual.

Because of the one blog post the judge awarded Obsidian 2.5 million dollars.

Speaking to Seattle Weekly, Crystal Cox says that the judgement could have impacts on bloggers everywhere. “This should matter to everyone who writes on the Internet,” she says.

Cox lost the case mostly due to the fact she would not divulge her source on the facts she blogged about and could not prove she was not causing defamation but recording facts and true statements of the company.

Cox tells Seattle Weekly that she plans to appeal the ruling by proving her assertion that Obsidian co-founder Kevin Padrick is guilty of bankruptcy fraud, a statement that, as Cox is quite proud of, is abundantly advertised if one simply Googles Padrick’s name and sees the dozens of Cox’s posts that spring up about him.