Dentist Pizza Fraud Revealed

Dentist Pizza Fraud. A dentist in Okemos has found himself in trouble after he used a credit card that he found. For some reason, he used the card after finding it in a parking lot to get a free pizza.

The 53-year-old dentist used the card to purchase a $40-pizza. Richard Ludwig now faces the real prospect of going to jail because he has been charged with three felony charges including impersonation. Ludwig posted a $3,500 bail bond before he was released following his arrest on Saturday. He is due in court on the 12th of April.

Investigators claim that Ludwig found the credit card in a parking lot in Davenport, Fla on Saturday. According to the details, Ludwig used the card to make a payment for two large size pizzas at a nearby eatery.

The owner of the credit card is a 32-year-old Davenport man. The man realized rather too late that he has lost his credit card. Ludwig practices his dental service at Haslett. He told officers that he is worth at least $3 million.

Ludwig has been charged with impersonation, forgery, uttering false instrument and an additional misdemeanor charge of credit card theft. Ludwig would serve time behind bars, if he is found guilty of any of the felony charges.