Denver Gets 5 Inches Of Snow

A fall storm has brought fresh Denver snow in Colorado, knocking out power to thousands of people but exciting skiers. About 5 inches of snow fell in Denver Wednesday, with more falling in areas to the north. Tree limbs, many still with leaves, got weighed down by the the white stuff and snapped, breaking power lines.

The taste of winter came as President Barack Obama made his second visit to Denver in less than a month. The last time he visited some people passed out from the heat.

The same storm also brought snow to Utah and Wyoming, where it temporarily shut down a portion of Interstate 80 between Laramie and Cheyenne.

Denver Snow Comes Early This Season

Colorado’s mountains also got snow earlier this month and three resorts are already open for the season.

Denver lies within the semi-arid, continental climate zone with four distinct seasons, generally modest annual precipitation spread through the year with about 90 days of precipitation a year, averaging every 4th day. Summers range from warm to hot. Winters range from mild to cold, with periods of snow alternating with periods of warmth, the result from warming downslope chinook winds.

The first snowfall of the season generally occurs around October 8, and the last snowfall is about April 15, averaging 61 inches of seasonal accumulation.

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