Disney Lifts Beard Policy With Restrictions

Disney is lifting a 60-year-old employee theme park ban on beards for men, but there’s a catch.

The Orlando Sentinel reported that the Walt Disney Co. told it’s male theme park employees, that they will be able to go ahead and grow beards and goatees with in a reasonable length with out worry of discipline starting February 3rd.

The ban had long been a source of distain among the companies male employees, with Disney wanting its employees to look professional, which they believed would have been compromised if men had facial hair. However one employee made the point that Walt Disney himself had facial hair.

A complete ban on facial hair had a bit of a compromise in 2000 when the company started to allow men grow mustaches. Now the company will allow fuller facial hair but, according to the new policy their will be some restriction, hair may not be greater then the length of 1/4 of an inch, and kept fully groomed, stating that the look, “must create an overall neat, polished and professional look.”

In 2010 female employees got a break on a pantyhose policy the company had in place, when it removed a policy saying women could not go bare legged when wearing a dress or skirt and must be wearing pantyhose.

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