Dorner Reward Shrinks After Police Union Disbands Pledge

The reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of Christopher Dorner shrinks after The Peace Officers Research Association of California withdrew its $50,000 pledge.

An official for the association, which represents 64,000 police union members, told the television station on Friday that the conditions for the reward had not been met because Dorner was not arrested.

In addition, a second group has pulled its money from a pooled $1.2 million reward offered during a manhunt for the renegade former California policeman who died in a fiery standoff.

On Monday, the city of Riverside, California, pulled its $100,000 contribution to the reward pool for similar reasons. It said its offer was contingent on Dorner’s capture.

Dorner had been fired from the Los Angeles Police Department and was accused of killing four people in a vendetta against police. He shot and killed himself in a burning cabin in the mountains above Los Angeles during a standoff with police on February 12.

Dozens of groups and municipalities pledged money for the reward during the intense nine-day manhunt, and a payout announcement is expected in mid-April.

At least three people have submitted claims for the reward. Karen and Jim Reynolds called police after Dorner tied them up in their Big Bear Lake condominium and fled in their SUV shortly before his death.

Dorner crashed their SUV and carjacked a pickup truck from another man, Rick Heltebrake, who also called authorities, and has submitted a reward claim.

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