East Coast October Snow Storm Wreaks Havoc

East Coast Snow Storm – A freak East coast October snow storm knocked out power to more than 3 million homes and businesses on Sunday. Several trees were loaded with ice that snapped wires and caused havoc for millions of people.

“You just have absolute tree carnage with this heavy snow just straining the branches,” National Weather Service spokesman Chris Vaccaro stated.

From Maryland to Maine, officials said it would take days to restore electricity, even though the bad weather ended Sunday. The storm is blamed for at least 11 deaths, and states of emergency were declared in New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts and parts of New York.

Roads, rails and airline flights were knocked out, and passengers on a JetBlue flight were stuck on a plane in Hartford, Conn., for more than seven hours. More than 800,000 power customers were without electricity in Connecticut alone, shattering the record set just two months ago by Hurricane Irene. Massachusetts had more than 600,000 outages, and so did New Jersey. Parts of Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, New York, Maine, Maryland and Vermont also were without power.

“It’s going to be a more difficult situation than we experienced in Irene,” Connecticut Gov. Dannel P. Malloy said. “We are expecting extensive and long-term power outages.”

Many of the areas hit by the bad East Coast weather had also been hit by Irene. In New Jersey’s Hamilton Township, Tom Jacobsen also recalled heavy spring flooding and a particularly heavy winter before that.

“I’m starting to think we really ticked off Mother Nature somehow, because we’ve been getting spanked by her for about a year now,” he said, grabbing coffee at a convenience store.

Kerry McNiven said she was “totally unprepared” for the October storm that knocked out her water and power and sent tree limbs crashing into her Simsbury, Conn., home. She was buying disposable plates and cups in a darkened supermarket, a setting that she said resembled “one of those post-apocalyptic TV shows.”

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