Egypt Prisoners Escape From Wadi Natrun Prison In Cairo

Egypt prisoners escape from Wadi Natrun prison in Cairo. Egypt is going through another day of protests as thousands of prisoners escape. In addition, the Al Jazeera TV station in Cairo was also shut down and reporters have lost their press credentials.

In recent days, the Qatar-based TV channel produced a massive coverage of the events in Egypt. It interviewed mainly opposition figures who criticized the regime. Meanwhile, it is reported that thousands of prisoners fled on Saturday night and early Sunday after a rebellion in Wadi Natrun prison, which is located on the desert road between Cairo and Alexandria, some 100 kilometers north of the Egyptian capital.

A security source said that “prisoners whose number amounts to several thousands, started to riot and managed to escape, after they seized the weapons of the security men.” Security sources conveyed dozens of prisoners escaped from a prison in Fayoum Saturday evening after a similar revolt that killed a police officer.

Wadi El Natrun is a valley located in Beheira Governorate, Egypt, including a town with the same name. The name refers to the presence of eight different lakes in the region that produce natron salt. The modern chemical symbol for sodium, Na, is an abbreviation of that element’s Latin name natrium, which was derived from natron.