Eiffel Tower Strike Ends, Attraction Reopens

The Eiffel Tower has been closed for two days and tourists who are visiting Paris for the first time never knew about it. Employees forced a strike at the Eiffel Tower after they walked off their jobs, forcing a shutdown in the major tourist attraction.

The problem has taunted city officials all week. The following message was found on their official website.

“The Eiffel Tower will reopen to the public from Thursday June 27th at 9 a.m.¬†Thank you for your understanding,” reads the entirety of the official notice.

As reported by the Wall Street Journal, the company that operates the 324-meter (1,063 feet) structure earlier stated that an agreement to end the strike had been reached with workers on Wednesday night. It didn’t provide details of the terms.

The General Confederation of Labor union organized the strike with Eiffel Tower employees who desired better working conditions and more pay.

“We’ve been complaining about the handling of maintenance work for several years. It’s had a severe effect on how we cope with visitors and also on our working conditions,” a union representative told Euronews.

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