Elevator Accident Claims Life Of Young & Rubicam Worker

An elevator had a freak accident that frightened people who witnessed their co-worker being crushed to death. The incident took place in the lobby area of an office building. The deceased is Suzanne Hart, 41, who worked for Young And Rubicam.

Two other people had minor injuries from the accident. They were treated at New York University Hospital are doing fine.

When Hart tried to enter the lobby’s elevator after the doors opened, it suddenly rose, pinning and crushing her.

The city’s Building Department was called to perform a full investigation of the accident.

Tony Sclafani, a Buildings Department spokesman, said “the last time that particular elevator received a safety violation was in 2003, and that condition was corrected. The majority of the violations at the building were non- hazardous.”

Young and Rubicam, owned by Dublin-based WPP Plc, had already said this month that it would be moving its offices to Manhattan’s west side. Then last week WPP revealed its plans to sell the building that was built in 1926. There’s no word on who will claim responsibility for the accident, but according to New York State law, it will be the owner.

The elevator claimed the life of Hart who was Young & Rubicam’s director of new business content and experience. Do you think the accident could’ve been prevented?