Ellen Barkin Rants on Twitter about NYPD

Ellen Barkin – The actress rants on Twitter after allegedly being shoved by a New York police officer, and it has her fuming mad, while fans are still questioning the incident between Ellen Barkin and the cop.

The Another Happy Day actress said the officer allegedly shoved her with two hands onto the sidewalk as she was walking down the street to her townhouse in the West Village as a Occupy Wall Street protest was in progress.

According to Barkin’s tweets, officers were making erratic arrest of people who were not protesters, they were random people who happen to be walking the street. She even witnessed a young girl in police custody screaming that she was on her way home.

Ellen basically told them “screw all of you” and pointed towards Bloomberg and everyone following him.

While answering random questions from followers on Twitter, Ellen contended that she was creditable.

The New York City native truly seemed to be shocked by what was taking place in her city; prior to that incident, she claims that she was never afraid of the NYPD.

Barkin was obviously in dismay over the senseless, random, and threatening arrests being made by the officers.

Bloomberg’s office has not responded about the incident or the alleged statements made on Twitter.

However, Barkin’s supposed boyfriend, director Sam Levinson,caught the event on video.

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