Erin Langworthy Survives Bungee Mishap Captured On Video

Erin Langworthy – The 22-year-old from Western Australia has survived a fall after her bungee cord snapped and dropped her into the crocodile inhabited waters in the Zambezi River. It’s a frightening story with a remarkable recovery.

In an excursion run by Safari Par Excellence, jumpers took the plunge tethered to a bungee cord attached to the Victoria’s Falls Bridge which ran 365 feet above the waters surface.

The video that was shot during Langworthy’s jump shows her making the leap then as the bungee stretched it snapped and she fell the rest of the way into the river head first.

Langworthy survived the fall but had to battle the rapids to get to sure as part of the cord still attached to her got caught up on rocks under the water, having to continually swim down and free it.

After finally making it to the shoreline she started coughing up all the water she had swallowed and some blood. Langworthy said, “I felt like I’d been slapped all over.”

Erin Langworthy said it was a miracle she was able to survive the fall then swim on her own to safety after having her feet bound by the cord and breaking her collar bone in the fall. Here’s a video of the actual bungee cord fall.

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