Explosion US Army Base: Pentagon Acknowledges Major Fire At Base In Japan

An explosion at a US military Army base in Sagamihara, Japan, occurred just after midnight at a warehouse where dangerous material is stored. Witnesses say the Tokyo sky lit up as fire fighters were sent to extinguish the flames, according to FOX News.

The explosion prompted the local fire department to rush to the scene. It received a call just after midnight of an eabout the US Army base, but it also added that the fire had subsided and there was no danger of it spreading.

“There are no reports of injury, and base firefighters and first responders are currently fighting the resulting fire to prevent its spread to nearby buildings,” U.S. Navy Commander Bill Urban said in an emailed statement.

Explosion US Army base reveals large fire

The cause of the explosion at the US military Army base was not immediately known. A military spokesman said the building did not in fact store any hazardous material.

“The building that exploded was not a hazardous material storage facility. We are in the process of determining the contents of the building. The depot does not store ammunition or radiological materials,” Lieutenant Colonel Kevin Toner said.

The US Army base has an estimated 200 personnel who work in the daytime. The depot is located in Sagamihara, a city in the Japanese prefecture of Kanagawa, which borders Tokyo.

“The storage building is not designated as a hazardous material storage facility, as some initial reports indicated,” Urban said in the statement. “We are in the process of determining the exact contents of the building. The Sagami General Depot does not store ammunition or radiological materials.”

Explosion video and photos began streaming in from social media shortly after noon (EST), showing a large fire, several loud booms, sustained flames and billowing smoke rising from a structure. A bare warehouse was seen burning on the US Army base.

Helicopters have been spotted in the area and emergency vehicles are en route to the scene. An eyewitness said she initially thought the explosion was thunder, but then heard multiple “explosions in quick succession.” She also reported smelling a “gunpowder-ish smell.”

Three explosions linked to a left-wing extremist group were reported in the vicinity of the US Army base in April.

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