This is wut happens when my baby hits me back – Facebook Tape

“this is wut happens when my baby hits me back” – A disturbing Facebook photo shows a young girl bound with duct tape on her face, with a caption that read “this is wit happens” when his baby hits back at him. The image showed her ankles and wrists bound. The public, even the user’s online friends, found it offensive and were outraged when they discovered the frightening image. The person shown was a 3-year-old girl, and the person that uploaded it was her own father.

After several complaints and a visit from the local police department, Andre Curry, 21, claims that he was just playing with his young child and didn’t mean anything like it. He thought it was a joke, but the online community didn’t think so. Most people believe he crossed the line and went too far.

Curry is being investigated by the police and has received intense backlash since the picture was posted on Facebook in July.

The disturbing image shows the little girl, most likely around 3-years-old at the time of the photo, bound at the ankles and wrists with a substantial amount of blue tape. In addition, she had what looks to be many large pieces over her mouth.

Curry has refused to comment on the investigation. He has taken the picture down from Facebook. However, he has already sealed his fate. Chicago detectives are working closely with the Department of Children and Family Services (DCF) on the investigation into the disturbing act.

There has not been any mention of whether the ‘Facebook Tape’ child is still in the custody of the father or where the child’s mother fits into all of this.

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