Felix Baumgartner Targets Sky Diver Record At Edge of Space

Felix Baumgartner is targeting a sky driver record that will take him to the edge of space by jumping out of a ballon, a stunt that hasnt been done since the 1960s when the Air Force was conducting altitude jump tests.

Felix Baumgartner wants to set a new sky driver record, which is sponsored by Red Bull, by making a jump from 120,000 feet or 23 miles above New Mexico, in August, after a lawsuit was settled with another promoter who said the event was his idea.

He will begin making training jumps from 60.000 feet and then 90,000 feet.

When he makes the actual record breaking jump, which was originally set more then 50 years ago, he excepted to reach a speed of 690mph breaking the sound barrier with in 35 seconds of the leap.

The ballon that will carry Baumgartner to such a height will be filled with helium, much like a weather ballon, and he will need to wear a specially made astronaut suit and oxygen tanks to keep him alive.

Previously, Baumgartner has trained as a parachuter with the Australian military, and specializes in small target landing zones. The daredevil jumper doesn’t plan to pull his chute until he is 5,000 feet from the earths surface. Alltogether he plans on setting four records, Highest-altitude freefall, highest manned balloon flight, longest distance travelled in freefall and fastest freefall.

The current record for highest altitude jump is held by U.S. Air Force colonel Joe Kittinger who made his jump in 1960 from 102,800 feet.

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