Firefighter Killed By Mastiff Attack By Adopted 140-Pound Dog

A female firefighter was killed by her 140-pound mastiff dog only a week after she had rescued and taken it in as her own.

The firefighter, Dawn Brown of Big Rock, Ill., had just taken the mastiff in last week when a family member who had previously owned it, no longer wanted it.

On Monday afternoon, Brown’s husband, Bob, had come home to find the firefighter lying at the bottom of the basement stairs, unresponsive and tried administering CPR.

“He tried first aid right away, but it was already evident that she was deceased when he got there,” Lt. Pat Gengler, of the Kane County Sheriff’s Office, told station ABC affiliate WLS-TV.

According to the report, the Browns had no children and had two other dogs, a pit bull mix and a boxer. They took in the 140-pound mastiff after the family member didn’t want the dog due to having small children.

Authorities said that the marks found on Brown’s body were consistent to a mastiff attack.

Gengler said the dog was “all muscle, very intimidating,” but hadn’t had a history of harming anyone. He said that all three dogs were removed from the home but would not elaborate on what their fate would be.

“It’s just heartbreaking,” neighbor Mark Hake told NBC 5 Chicago. “We would see them walking their dogs through town, very nice people.”

Brown had taken the mastiff too the fire station she worked at just shortly after taking it in last week, to socialize. Her co-workers said at the time she had no problems controlling the large dog. Now those same co-workers as well as her husband are left in shock and devastated over the loss.

“Dawn was unique because she was one of those that connected with all of their patients and you can’t say that about every paramedic,” Bristol-Kendall Fire Chief Michael Kalina told KLS-TV. “She was one of those that could feel the empathy, that could feel the pain that they were going through.”

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