Florida 8-Foot Alligator Attacks and Drags A 90-Year-Old Woman

An 8-foot alligator attacks and drags a 90-year-old woman into a Florida canal on Wednesday, and she remains in critical condition after doctors had to amputate her leg.

Margaret Webb was walking in her flooded yard in rural Copeland, Florida, about 80 miles west of Miami, near the Everglades, when the alligator lunged at her, the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission spokeswoman, Gabriella Ferraro said.

Dewain Daniels, who was driving by, stopped to help the woman, Ferraro said, and pulled her out of the water away from the alligator. Even so, that didn’t stop the huge reptile, which tried to come out of the water multiple times to drag its victim.

Daniels shot at the gator with his .22 caliber gun and it eventually crawled back into the water and swam away. He then called 911 and Webb was airlifted to Lee Memorial Hospital in Fort Myers, where she remains in critical condition. Daniels, the good Samaritan, is an airboat operator in the Everglades and has known Webb his entire life.

Residents describe Webb as being “like a grandma” to everyone in the small community.

Officers wanted to find and trap the alligator, Ferraro said. “When a person is bitten, our priority is to remove the suspect alligator,” she said.

By Thursday afternoon, however, officials had called off the search, saying it was unlikely it would ever be found. Approximately, five people are bitten each year in Florida by unprovoked alligators, officials said.