​Fritanga Arrest Removes Drug Cartel Dealer From Deceased List (VIDEO)

Staff Reporter
May. 20, 2014

Fritanga, whose real name is Camilo Torres, was arrested at a lavish wedding on the Caribbean island of Mucura, a suspected leading drug dealer wanted in the United States and officially listed as dead since 2010, minutes after he married his girlfriend.

Police believe Torres is a senior member of the Urabenos gang, which controls much of the drugs and arms trafficking in northern Colombia, the BBC reported.

The gang is also known to be involved in kidnappings and contract killings.

A video purportedly showing police raiding Monday’s wedding celebrations — which reportedly cost $1.4 million — and arresting Torres was posted online.

Torres’s bikini-wearing wife can be seen sobbing and hugging her husband before he is led away by police.

The raid took place in front of about 150 guests, including soap opera stars and entertainers. In the video some of the guests can be seen lying on the floor with their hands over their heads.

Colombian singers Silvestre Dangond and Jean Carlos Centeno reportedly sang for the — briefly — happy couple, Colombia Reports said.

According to Milenio, Torres was officially listed as dead.

The BBC said his death certificate states he died of natural causes in the Colombian capital of Bogota on December 2, 2010.

Here’s the VIDEO:

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